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How can I become more mentally healthy?


Welcome to our Website!

Act-Belong-Commit: Mentally Healthy Hume and Moreland is a public-health campaign that aims to raise community awareness and encourage everyone to know what you can do to help yourself to stay mentally healthy.  This website has been created to make it easier for people in Hume and Moreland to find resources and links to information to help you get started for a healthier you - in mind, body and spirit. 

This campaign is endorsed and supported by a range of local community, government and health organisations as well as resident representatives. This includes Curtin University in Western Australia who developed the campaign (see our partners page).

The information provided can also help employers, organisations, clubs and groups with information about what you can do to help create a mentally healthy community   

Together, we can Act-Belong and Commit for a mentally healthy Hume and Moreland in the places we live, work, socialise, learn and age.

A healthy mind helps us to experience the fullness of life, feel happier and better manage stresses and problems. Doing something to help yourself stay mentally healthy is as easy as A, B C or


Just try it!


Be physically, socially and mentally active!

Keep up friendships, join in club and community events.
Support a good cause and help others.



5 Ways to Wellbeing - New resource!

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