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 Act-Belong-Commit: Mentally Healthy Hume and Moreland is a public health campaign that encouraging everyone to know simple things to help you stay healthy, in mind not just body.  Based on the most up to date research, this campaign and website aims to help you get started.   

International and our own local research shows that:

-           By doing regular activities to challenge our mind, keep ourselves socially and physically active is what experts now tell us is how we keep mentally healthy (feel good and function well).

-          By doing things such as joining groups as taking part in more activities that give us a sense of belonging, acceptance and trusting relationships with others experts say this can help to define our sense of identity and satisfies our emotional need for friendship.

-          By committing to do activities that bring us into more healthy, fun, helpful (to others) and interesting connections with others on a more regular basis, such as volunteering, experts say connecting, helping or sharing can add more meaning and purpose to our lives.  This helps to build our self-esteem …which is all good for our mental wellbeing

Being active, having a sense of belonging and meaning in life, are all good for our mental health and wellbeing.  It can help us to feel happier and cope better with problems and stress.   Act-Belong-Commit.  To help you get started: 

·         You can explore the information & resources here on this website;

·         Ring now to find out about our new Connect 4 Wellbeing Program;

·         Checkout our 2014 8 minute short educational film on YouTube called ‘Five Ways to Strengthen Wellbeing ;

·         Go to Moreland or Hume City Council Websites to find out about different social or cultural groups you can join locally

·         Explore the Mentally Healthy W.A. website for more general information about different ways you can Act-Belong-Commit for your positive mental health!

·         Contact us for more assistance!

 Doris Sant - Community Mental Health Planning Co-ordinator, North West Area Mental Health Service - (03) 83719806 or


5 Ways to Wellbeing - New resource!

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